Trekkies Rejoice! ‘Star Trek’ stars before they were famous

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    Leonard NimoySeth Poppel/Yearbook Library, D. Long/Globe Photos, Inc./ImageCollect

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    James DoohanSeth Poppel/Yearbook Library, Fitzroy Barrett/Globe Photos Inc./ImageCollect

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    Brent SpinerSeth Poppel/Yearbook Library, Scott Kirkland/Globe Photos, Inc./ImageCollect

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    George TakeiSeth Poppel/Yearbook Library, Sonia Moskowitz/Globe Photos Inc./ImageCollect

Just when you think you’ve had enough of “Star Trek,” something amazing like retro high school photos of your favorite characters turn up. Our friends at Snakkle "trekked" down pre-fame pics both old and new stars of the USS Enterprise. Just in time for the 2013 premiere of “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

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“Spock,” played by Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy has enjoyed an immensely full career on and off the screen as a stage, voice, TV and film actor. While he's since retired from the “Star Trek” franchise, Nimoy has written more than one autobiography grappling with the identity crisis he's dealt with since adopting his role as everyone's favorite vulcan: Spock. May Nimoy "Live Long And Prosper," as both!

“Scotty,” played by James Doohan
James Doohan was a lieutenant and pilot for the Royal Canadian Artillery in WWII. Little did he know, he'd be donning a different kind of uniform for the majority of his career as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the iconic TV and film series “Star Trek.”

“Data,” played by Brent Spiner
Before landing his 15-year role as Lieutenant Commander Data, Brent Spiner was a seasoned stage actor who performed in Broadway and Off-Broadway plays. His android character provided audiences with an outsider's perspective (and often humorous misunderstanding) of human behavior.

“Mr. Sulu,” played by George Takei
This L.A. native is better known as Captain Hikaru Sulu to “Star Trek” fans. Takei had a hand in guiding more than just the USS Enterprise... From 1973 to 1984, Takei was on the board of directors responsible for the initial approval and planning of the Los Angeles subway system.

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  • Cameron and Benji's ocean PDA


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