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Is 'The Great Gatsby' Great for a Date Night?



Unlike the other books they made me read along the way in school, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic is one I have picked up again later in life.

This Great American Novel sucks you into the Roaring ‘20s like a whirlwind and keeps you guessing about the true identity and intentions of the mysterious Gatsby. The story seems ripe for the big screen — and you’d think it would be an easy transition — but others have tried and have come up short … until now.

“The Great Gatsby” isn’t a story about giant aliens or epic battles, so one would think minimal special effects would be required. However, director Baz Luhrmann (“Romeo & Juliet,”  “Moulin Rouge!”) understood that in order to capture the essence of Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, he’d need to execute the author’s words in a way that exploded onto the screen. The result is a dazzling display of sound and color that (literally) brings the pages to life.

Leonardo DiCaprio pretty much nails every role he takes on, and Jay Gatsby is no exception. The man knows how to bring a character to life, and when you’re playing a character who in many ways is larger than life, that know-how helps quite a bit. 

The Date Nighter Says:

This could be the perfect date night. See the movie, then grab a bottle of bubbly and head to the Hamptons for the weekend.