Many "Jelena" fans were left dumbfounded after an entertainment news website tweeted that Justin Bieber was gay and that Selena Gomez was fully supporting his decision to come out. 

On Saturday the Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for hacking the Twitter and text messaging accounts of E! Online.

The website said it was the hackers who had sent out the erroneous news alerts about the pop star.

The first fake tweet read, "Exclusive: Justin Bieber to E!online: I'm a gay."

The next faux message followed up by saying Gomez was standing by her on-again off-again boyfriend's decision to come out. 

E! Online said it was working with Twitter to correct the issue, and that an investigation into the attack was underway.

The SEA has taken credit for a string of Web attacks on media targets it sees as sympathetic to Syria's rebels, including the BBC, Al-Jazeera English and the Guardian.

The group claims to have hacked the Twitter feed of The Associated Press last month.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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