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Does 'Iron Man 3' Live Up to the Hype?



Everyone’s favorite robot-suited superhero is back on the big screen, and he's sure to blow up the box office this weekend. But is Tony Stark's third chapter in the "Iron Man" series worth your time?

Simply put: heck yes! "Iron Man 3" is wrapped up in everything we’ve come to love from the franchise: non-stop action, comedic one-liners and nostalgic throwbacks.

So where do we stand at the beginning of this installment? Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is starting to crack under pressure, despite being known for his chill demeanor and cooler-than-you attitude. He’s suffering from some serious panic attacks after his last stint with The Avengers, having fended off a horde of attacking aliens in New York. To add to his stress, there’s a new terrorist mastermind in town known as Mandarin, who’s carrying out deadly acts of violence across the globe.  Wanting to stop this terrorist rampage, Iron Man calls out Mandarin — man to Iron Man. 

Throughout the two-hour fight fest, we really get a glimpse of Tony’s vulnerabilities and growth as both a human and superhero. He’s forced to defend his now-wife Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow), come to terms with his own mortality, and really think outside his suit to save both himself and the world. 

It's fast-paced with stunning 3D visuals and great plot twists through and through. There's also much appreciated references to both of Iron Man's past movies as well as "The Avengers."

Oh, and in true Marvel fashion, stick around till after the credits.  

The Verdict:

Iron Man gets two laser-hand repulsors up.  Suit up this weekend — it’s worth it.