Angelina Jolie teenage modeling photos surface; Star poses in underwear



Angelina Jolie's features are so striking in these modeling pics that show the A-lister back in her early days when she was just starting out as a young teen.

There’s no denying the fact that Jolie possess major star power — and that was evident even when she was in her teens. Photos of the 37-year-old star when she was just starting out in her career have surfaced and you can see Angelina modeling in her underwear, swimwear, and clothing. From her smoldering gaze to her full lips, the star’s signature features are just as prominent now as they were back when she was merely a 16-year-old star new to the scene.

PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie poses topless

Shot by photographer Sean McCall, Angelina looks striking at the shoot — and her skin is flawless! Although now she has a slew of tattoos that clearly wasn’t the case back then. She is a natural in front of the camera and these pics prove that that was even the case back in the day.

From a bandeau top to other forms of underwear and swimwear, the shoot was very natural. Her brunette locks are straight in the pictures and cascade down her back, adding to the raw element of the shoot. In some pics her hair is worn up, keeping the focus on her facial features.

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Angelina has come a long way from her days of modeling underwear, but it’s remarkable how her features still look the same — we could recognize that plump pout anywhere.

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