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WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence’s Early Modeling Photos Revealed


Jennifer Lawrence may claim to have bombed as an Abercrombie and Fitch model, but one photographer from her past life in front of the lens sure seems to think she had some skills. Chris Kaufman shot the Oscar-winner before she made it big, and says that one of his first thoughts upon snapping Jen was that she “moved like Gisele” and had a “maturity beyond her years."

As far as teenage modeling photos go, Jen's have nothing on the brilliantly cheesy ones Victoria Beckham posed for in the early '90s, but she does display quite the range in the set. Over at the Daily News, you'll see the soon-to-be-star posing in a wide assortment of hats, giving a piercing stare while half-submerged in a lake, Wild Things-style, and rocking Casper makeup and a bridal veil. We wonder if she had any flashbacks to the latter headwear while shooting her Dior ads.