The two pop divas/judges on the hit singing reality show "American Idol" were once again fighting and arguing live on air Wednesday night.

The cat fight sparked after contestant Kree Harrison when was getting constructive criticism from the judges for singing "She Talks to Angels" by The Black Crowes.

Music diva Mariah Carey liked the performance, but advised Harrison not to try "too hard."

"You can sing anything and I love to hear you sing," she said. "My favorite Kree moments are when you are lost in a song and just don't care," she added.

After country music star Keith Urban gave his two cents agreeing with Carey, Nicki Minaj chimed in disagreeing with both fellow singers.

"I disagree with Keith and Mariah," Nicki declared in her fake British accent. "That was the best performance of the night."

"I wasn't saying she was awkward," Carey said back. "You don't really disagree with me."

"No, I do," Minaj fired back."And I'll explain."

When Carey continued voicing her thoughts on the matter, Minaj was not having it. "Simmer down, sir," said Minaj. 

Other highlights of the evening came when Angie Miller got emotional when singing "Stand by You" for the victims in her native Boston, hit by two deadly explosions early this week.

Her rendition of the song earned her a standing ovation from music executive Randy Jackson, Urban and Carey.

"Of course all of our hearts and prayers go out to Boston. That was a beautiful dedication," said Carey.

"It was perfect, especially tonight, in terms of your hometown," she added.

Nicki Minaj liked Miller’s dedication as well.

"I loved that you dedicated it to your hometown. That was such a smart choice for you as an artist, not just a human being."

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