American Idol: Lazaro Arbos Bombs Performance, Candice Glover Sings Perfection


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Lazaro Arbos is hanging on a thread on “American Idol.”

The 21-year-old former ice cream scooper performed the Carpenters’ popular tune "(They Long To Be) Close To You" but failed to impress the judges Wednesday night. 

“We can't go into a new key and you stay in the old key," said music legend Mariah Singer, who according to the Hollywood Reporter, had gotten heat for being too nice to the contestants.

She certainly showed her tough side by telling Arbos his performance was disappointing.

"This is kind of a big deal," she added.

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Fellow judge and music producer Randy Jackson was a bit more blunt and told Arbos “that [his performance] was horrible.”

“No, no, no, NO!” Jackson said. “I’m speechless.”

“Va Va Voom” singer Nicki Minaj was so unimpressed by Arbos’ performance that she didn’t even bother to give him feedback.

“Let’s just pretend I already gave my comment,” she said.

Arbos had tough shoes to fill after Candice Glover took the stage and left the judges and the audience speechless, but for all the right reasons.

Glover performed a gut-wrenching version of Adele’s rendition of The Cure’s “Lovesong.”

Mariah Carey seemed as though she would burst out in tears and even got up to the stage and sprinkled Glover with what appeared to be glittery dust as a symbolic act of her blessing for Glover.

Jackson was ecstatic, telling Glover that was “one of the greatest performances in the 12 years of “American Idol” history. Country star Keith Urban bowed down to Glover’s feet.

On Thursday, America will vote for their remaining top two who will compete for a chance to become the next “American Idol.”

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