Alec Baldwin’s Latina Wife: Our Baby Will Speak Spanish!

 (2012 Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin’s Latina squeeze says she is looking forward to teaching their baby Spanish.

The yoga instructor, who recently married the “30 Rock” star, told Us Weekly magazine that their baby girl will be speaking her native tongue.

“We're having a girl and we definitely want her to speak Spanish," Hilaria Thomas told the entertainment publication while walking the red carpet at the launch of Glamour’s Latin venture Glamour Belleza Latina.

"I was on the phone with my nephew, who's seven. He called me …and he asked me, 'Is she going to speak Spanish?' and I said, 'Yes, but you have to help because she's going to grow up here probably so you have to help speak to her in Spanish,'" she added.

Thomas says in order for the baby to learn the language faster, she and Baldwin will be implementing a rule where only Spanish is spoken in their household, despite her husband’s lack of Spanish-speaking skills.

"It's a little tricky because my husband doesn't speak Spanish, so that'll be a little tricky in the house," Thomas said. "But maybe we will have our own conversation and he'll have to learn. We can talk behind his back. I cannot wait!"

Thomas and Baldwin tied the knot June of last year in New York.

Early last week, news broke that Thomas and Baldwin had found out they are expecting a girl, which made Thomas beam since she gets to “buy pink things now!”

"She's got a very cute little nose, she's got very long legs," she said. "She gets the long legs from Alec's side. We're so excited!"

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