For actress Nadine Velazquez, working with Oscar nominated actor Denzel Washington in “Flight” was an experience full of “vulnerability.”

Velazquez, 34, is Washington’s on-screen mistress in the action-packed thriller about a pilot who finds himself in a firestorm investigation after he safely lands a malfunctioned plane, but nonetheless raises questions about his sobriety.

“His personality is as big as that screen,” Velazquez told Fox News Latino about working closely with Washington.

“It’s not like he changes or becomes someone else. He is who he is. He taps into the character but it all comes from him.”

The Chicago native, who crossed over into films with “Flight” after having consecutive roles in hit TV shows such as “My Name is Earl” and “The League,” says the film has shaped her acting abilities.

“You give up yourself there,” she said about being on screen in “Flight.”

“It is vulnerability and it is not about an award or Hollywood,” she added. “It’s about you being this person [which] I felt like I brought something significant to.”

Velazquez’s credits do not stop there.

The buxom beauty has a starring role in the upcoming flick with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Luis Guzmán, whom she did her first comedic lead with.

“I always wanted to do this as a kid,” said Velazquez. “The universe kept opening doors for me [and] I get to reinvent myself.”

With the Academy Awards just days away, Velazquez is excited for the rest of the crew and for Washington, but whether he or the movie get any Oscars this season will not change her perspective on the impact she thinks viewers will have after watching it.

“It has conflict and it is uncomfortable (to watch), and it makes people think,” she said.

“I love the scene when the plane is going down,” added Velazquez. “He is in control, he is so true to what a pilot should be. I like how he handled that.”