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Report: Dan Marino kept love child, payoffs from CBS for seven years

  • dan marino hall of fame 660 reuters .jpg

    Dan Marino was inducted into the NFL hallf of fame in 2005, the same year his 'secret' daughter was born. (Reuters)

  • dan marino family hallf of fame 2005 reuters.JPG

    Dan Marino's wife and two adopted daughters attend his Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2005. (2005)

Now that’s a misdirection play!

Desperate to keep his clean-cut all-American image intact, Dan Marino told no one but his wife that he had sired a baby with a co-worker, paying the mistress hush money and keeping his CBS Sports bosses — and even his longtime lawyer-agent — in the dark for seven years, sources told The Post Thursday.

“Danny did, as difficult as it was, tell his wife in 2005, when this occurred,” said a source close to Marino, referring to Claire Marino, who has six children with the Hall of Famer.

Marino, who has been a pregame analyst for CBS’s “The NFL Today” since 2003, stunned his Tiffany Network bosses by informing them of the tryst and secret love child after The Post told him the story was about to break.

“CBS was not involved in any way, shape or form back in 2005,” when Marino cut the deal with Savattere, the source said.

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