Jenni Rivera’s Fans Banned From Visiting Singer’s Grave

Jenni Rivera fans are banned from visiting “La Diva de la Banda” at the All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, Calif., El Universal is reporting.

According to the Mexican daily, Rivera’s family members are in the process of creating a custom-made gravestone to be placed where she was buried, which will have an epitaph telling the late singer’s life story.

“Many people come here to visit Jenni’s tomb, but because it has no name many people don’t know where she is,” an employee at the cemetery told El Universal in Spanish, asking to be referred to as an anonymous source.

“The space which was bought for Jenni costs approximately $100,000 and fits about eight people,” the source added.

“It is something special which the family is obviously trying to protect.”

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Even a month after Rivera’s burial, the cemetery has prohibited reporters and curious fans from seeing “La Gran Señora.”

Rivera, four members from her staff and two pilots perished in a tragic plane accident when the Learjet 25 nose-dived 28,000 feet to the ground. She was on her way from one gig to the next in the wee hours in Monterrey, Mexico.

“Many have come to visit her,” the insider continued. “Some of them recognize [the grave] because they are told that is where she allegedly is. Their only intentions are to come pray and pay tribute to their idol.”

El Universal said that the fans come bearing gifts for Rivera and want to leave flowers at Rivera’s gravestone. Still, they can only go up to a certain point within the vicinity of Rivera’s burial grounds before security halts them.

“It is understandable that the family does not want for us to be near the grave, but Jenni was of the people and the people want to see where she rests in peace,” Carmen López, a resident of Long Island, told the daily.

“I knew where her tomb was because one of her cousins told me,” she added. “Security did not tell me anything. We just went by to pay our respects to our Diva.”

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