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‘Honey Boo Boo’s’ ‘Uncle Poodle’ Lee Thompson is HIV positive

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    Honey Boo Boo Left-Leaner The six-year-old star of  TLC's contribution to humanity, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” Alana Thompson, was prodded by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel into making a presidential endorsement. While she cannot vote, she still offered her favorite: “Marack Obama.” (Reuters)

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It’s no secret that Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s “Uncle Poodle” is gay. But now, Lee Thompson is opening up about a serious issue in his life, revealing he is HIV positive.

In an interview with Fenuxe magazine, the TLC reality star talked about how he found out he was HIV positive.

“I was adamant about getting my HIV status checked on a regular basis. On March 16, 2012, I tested negative. Then, in May of 2012 my test results came back positive,” he said.

He explained he knew right away why his status had changed.

“I knew it had been my boyfriend who infected me. I later learned he had been HIV positive and was not taking medication and had not bothered to tell me about it. I was advised that I should press charges and, hesitantly, I did. It was the right thing to do.”

Now, his ex-boyfriend is serving a five-year sentence jail for infecting Thompson.

“I would have been cool with his HIV status if he had been honest,” he said. “I don’t have an issue with the disease. I would have known how to protect myself.”

“Uncle Poodle” said he hopes to use his star status to spread awareness about HIV.

“I want to have my own television show and highlight what it is like being gay in the south. I think I have a good story to tell.”