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Nastassja Kinski shocked by sister's story of Klaus Kinski sexual abuse

  • Nastassja Kinski 660 AP.jpg

    In this May 18, 1993 file photo, German actress Nastassja Kinski poses at the 46th International Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. (AP)

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    A 1982 headshot of actor Klaus Kinski. (AP)

Nastassja Kinski has praised her half-sister for going public with allegations that she was sexually abused as a child by their father, the late German actor Klaus Kinski.

In an article penned for Friday's edition of German newspaper Bild, the actress said that she's "deeply shocked" by the allegations. In a new book, Pola Kinski details her father's alleged emotional and sexual abuse over a 14-year period, during which he warned his daughter not to tell anyone what happened.

Nastassja Kinski says that it's a "difficult moment" for her but she's proud that her half-sister found the strength to write the book. She wrote: "My sister is a heroine, because she has freed her heart, her soul and also her future from the weight of the secret."

Pola Kinski made her claims in an interview with a German magazine and her autobiography. 

The now 60 year old daughter of the actor said the abuse began when she was just five years old.

She said her father saw her "his little sex object, bedded on a silk cushion. I didn't want to, but he didn't care. He just took whatever he wanted."

Klaus Kinski, who died in 1991 of a heart attack at the age of 65, is best known for his leading roles in films like “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” and “Cobra Verde.”  He also had small parts in the American films “A Time to Love and A Time to Die” and “Decision Before Dawn.”  

The Associated Press contributed to this report.