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Donald Trump: Anna Wintour ambassadorship would be 'a favor to the country'

Anna Wintour, left, and Donald Trump, right.

Anna Wintour, left, and Donald Trump, right.  (Reuters)

Mogul Donald Trump has many powerful friends. And it turns out one of them is Anna Wintour.

The Vogue editor, who is rumored to be in the running for an ambassadorship for the U.K. or France, was a big fundraiser for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, but she still has The Donald’s approval. [pullquote]

On “Fox & Friends” Monday, Trump said he thought she would be a great choice for the role.

“I think this is a favor to the country,” he said. “She is a very capable person.”

He added that Wintour and his wife, Melania, are good friends, and that he considers her to be a friend as well. But he said his endorsement wasn’t because of his personal relationship with Wintour.

“She would run it so well and she would do things no one else could do in that position,” he explained. “She’s very competent. She has done an amazing job at Vogue for a long time.”

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He summed it up by saying: “I think she’d be an amazing choice, truly a great ambassador.”

Last week, Trump tweeted similar sentiments to let his followers know Wintour has his support.

“I am happy to hear that Pres. Obama is considering giving Anna Wintour an ambassadorship,” he posted. “She is a winner [and] really smart!”