Anthony Bourdain: Gordon Ramsay's move to register rival US restaurant's name in UK 'pathetic'



Gordon Ramsay is not winning friends after a move to register The Spotted Pig name in London in order to open up a restaurant with the same name as the beloved West Village eatery owned by Mario Batali, Ken Friedman and chef April Bloomfield, The Post reports.

Ramsay filed a motion last month with a British court to trademark the name. Neither Batali, Friedman or Bloomfield, who is British, have filed a response, but any objections to the motion may be filed within two months. 

Chef/author Anthony Bourdain was quick to respond to the news, calling Ramsay’s move “shameful pathetic.” 

Bourdain posted on Twitter: “Gordon Ramsay registers name ‘Spotted Pig’ in England? Shatters plans of fellow Brit April Bloomfield? Appropriates brand she built? Nice.” 

Read what other TV chefs have to say about Ramsay's move at The Post.

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