“Less Than Zero” was one of the most lurid and drug-addled stories of the late 80s. Based off Bret Easton Ellis’ novel by the same name, the film starred “Brat Pack” hit makers Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr., James Spader and Jami Gertz. 

Can you believe it has been full 25 years since those eighties hotties hit theaters in one of the?

PHOTOS: 'Less Than Zero' stars: Where are they now?

Andrew McCarthy’s character, Clay, comes home for Christmas break during his first year of college to find both his best friend (Downey Jr.) and high school girlfriend (Gertz) addicted to drugs and in a confusing love triangle. Set against the cocaine-ridden, party hard backdrop of LA’s wealthy offspring, the film was a grim depiction of LA’s desperate youth. 

Our friends at Snakkle.com look back on these noteworthy roles and finds out where they are now. 

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Andrew McCarthy, played the lead role in “Less Than Zero” as Clay Easton. McCarthy was a convincingly genuine Easton, who comes home to friends gone terribly wild in his absence Now, McCarthy has retained his boyish good looks and acting career to boot. In 1989, McCarthy scored another hit in the comedy “Weekend At Bernie’s”, and continued to land lead and supporting roles in major films. While his star doesn’t shine nearly as brightly as it did during his “Brat Pack” days, he continues to act in film and TV shows, like “Gossip Girl” and “White Collar.” 

In 1987, the raspy-voiced Jami Gertz starred as Blair, Clay’s high school girlfriend. Gertz’s had the perfect balance between wide-eyed naiveté and junkie sex appeal in the flick. After scoring roles in hit movies like “Sixteen Candles”, “Crossroads” and “Lost Boys”, her role in “Less Than Zero” was icing on the cake at the pinnacle of Gertz’s film career. After that, Gertz took a break from acting and moved to Paris to become a perfume designer for the high fashion French brand, Lanvin. Later, Gertz returned to America and starred as Bill Paxton’s uptight love interest in the 1996 blockbuster “Twister,” then had a recurring role “E.R.” and “Ally McBeal.” Today, Gertz continues to act in TV shows like “Modern Family” and lives in Beverly Hills with her husband and three sons.

James Spader played Julian’s ruthless drug dealer, Rip. Spader’s memorable performances in “Pretty In Pink,” “Mannequin” and “Less Than Zero” (all alongside actor Andrew McCarthy) helped bring him and Andrew into the spotlight an eighties heartthrobs. Since then, Spader’s continued acting, choosing some eccentric roles, like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s sadistic boss in “Secretary,” earning the attention of a new generation of fans. He has been nominated numerous won a number of Emmy’s for outstanding lead roles in drama series.