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Which is Your Favorite Singing Competition: 'The X Factor' or 'The Voice'?



Our favorite reality singing shows are starting to get down to the nitty-gritty. Fox's "The X Factor" and NBC's "The Voice" have each narrowed their contestants to a lean dozen, so the competitions are promising to get more intense than ever.

But with both shows being so similar and often airing for several hours per week, it's hard to devote enough time to keep up with one, let alone both. We sometimes find ourselves choosing between the two, or tuning in whenever it's convenient. Besides, both shows share strikingly similar formats: "The Voice" and "The X Factor" each feature a panel of four judges from all walks of the music industry mentoring (and slowly whittling down) their exclusive group of wannabe superstars, and in the end, America votes for one winner. Does anyone really need to be watching both?

So we're curious to know: If you had to pick between "The X Factor" or "The Voice," which would you prefer to watch?