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Reported Feud Between New 'Idol' Judges: Are You More Likely to Watch?



Things are really heating up at the auditions of "American Idol," and we're not talking about the performances — newcomers Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are reportedly feuding behind the judges' table.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the two got into a heated argument during a taping in Charlotte, North Carolina. Minaj and Carey then exchanged heated words, apparently over a disagreement about one of the contestants, while crew members tried to stem the shouting before it got worse.

At one point, TMZ interprets Minaj as saying, I told them I'm not f***in' putting up with her f***in' highness over there," in reference to Carey. Meanwhile, new judge Keith Urban found himself positioned between the two during the entire altercation.

Still, there are some sources who say that Minaj and Carey's feud is just a publicity stunt, but no one knows for sure. Whatever the case, it should make for some very interesting television. We want to know what you think: Are you more excited to watch 'Idol' now that the judges aren't getting along?