‘The X Factor:’ Jannel Garcia Brings Rock ‘N’Roll with a Latino Twist


 (FOX )

Time to Rock ‘N’ Roll baby!

It was one intense roller coaster premiere on “The X Factor” as the soft spoken Jannel Garcia made Rock sexy on the singing competition on Wednesday night.  

Garcia, 18, wasted no time in letting the judges know she has an old soul—at least musically since she looks up to singers such as Pat Benatar.

A recent high school grad, Garcia blew the judges away with an unexpected sensual rendition of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals “If I Was From Paris,” which left the judges smiling, clapping, and saying “yes, yes, yes!”

“Feisty little firecracker!” said music producer L.A. Reid, who is known to have launched the careers of successful singers Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

“I am so feeling you!”

The rest of the judges, singers pop divas Britney Spears and Demi Lovato and “The X Factor” creator and record label giant Simon Cowell, were all in solidarity with Reid.

“I was not expecting that,” said Spears. “That was absolutely incredible! That was amazing!”

Lovato, who was all smiles, told Garcia her voice combined with her personality is a win-win combination.

“What I find really, really interesting is that you have such a cute face, you are really likeable and all of a sudden you are like ‘I’m on fire,’” said Lovato. “I literally wrote down in my notes ‘Hot.’ You are awesome.”

After Lovato, Spears and Reid all gave Garcia a "yes" to continue to the next round, the final vote came down to Cowell, known to be the toughest judge in singing competition history. 

“Jannel, let me tell you sweetheart, you are on the money because right now what is missing in the pop charts is a young Pat Benatar or someone like that,” Cowell said enthusiastically.   

“I loved the idea of making a pop record or rock record. You are different you are exciting I really, really like you.” 

Elated and content with her performance a cheery Garcia thanked “The X Factor” royalty and joined her friends and family backstage where emotions took over. 

“Oh My God! That was so cool!” said Garcia. “I didn’t expect them to like me that much!” 

The Rochester Massachusetts native said she is ready to make her singing dreams a reality.

“I lived in a small town, in a small house, in a dead end street and life has always been really quiet,” Garcia said. “Life starts right now. Today!” 

For “The X factor” prospect family is everything and her “motivation.”

“My family is really close,” Garcia said. “My dad builds race cars [and] he races race cars. My mom works in health care. She loves to help people. Her life is all about me and my siblings.”

“I’m doing this for them,” she continued. “I really just want to make them proud today.”