In 'Magic Mike' Funnyman Gabriel Iglesias Goes Hollywood

Matthew McConaughey as Dallas and Gabriel Iglesias in "Magic Mike."

Matthew McConaughey as Dallas and Gabriel Iglesias in "Magic Mike."  (©2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)

Funnyman Gabriel Iglesias gives acting a shot in his first-ever Hollywood  role for the film "Magic Mike."

In the film, the Mexican-American star known for his wildly funny stand-up comedy routines, donned a more serious, dramatic persona as a drug-dealing male strip club DJ.

The movie hits theaters nationwide on Friday. 

The film tells the story about the hardships that male strippers endure as one of the strippers takes one of the younger performers under his wing. The film is is directed by Steven Soderbergh and features popular actors Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Adam Rodríguez.

This movie for me, was just like ‘Oh my god, really?’ to work with Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum on a first role like this…yeah, it’s gonna happen.  Whether it happens again, who knows? But at least, I could say I had an opportunity and I did the best I could with it.

- Gabriel Iglesias

“People are used to seeing me one way, as a stand-up comedian. Very friendly across the board; a lighthearted comic, so when they presented me with the opportunity to work with Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Steven Soderbergh I’m like ‘Are you kidding me?!’” Iglesias told Fox News Latino. 

“If I’m ever going to do a movie and go dramatic, to work with all three of those guys…oh my god…and that’s why I went for it.”

Even though some Latino actors feel like typecasting is involved when getting offers for stereotypical roles, Iglesias said that is not the case with his role in "Magic Mike."

“I get to play the cool, fun DJ and I also have this dark side," said Iglesias. "It was a nice contrast in the movie that they let me play both sides.” 

“If I was just being the drug dealer, or I was just being a gang member, or I was just being the gardener, then I could see that," he said adding that the "movie had some diverse moments.”

The comedian-turned-Hollywood star is proud of his Latino heritage, but never wanted to be classified as just another Latino comic.

“For example, if you ever talk to journalists, I ask them, if they have Latin backgrounds, ‘Do you want to be considered a great journalist or a great Latino or Latina journalists?’" Iglesias said.

"It just makes it sound like ‘Oh, I could only be great in this section,’" he continued. "No, you want to be part of the bigger picture.”

As a comic and now an actor, his motto has always been to expand beyond one demographic, to make his work understandable and enjoyable to a broad audience.

“That’s why over the years I didn’t really like the title of Latino comic," Iglesias stressed. "I felt that by saying that you were pigeonholed and it sounded like you could only perform for Latinos.”

Iglesias beamed as he described the ins-and-outs of his new acting gig. The Hawaiian-shirt-clad comic said he feels fortunate to have worked with actors like Tatum and directors like Soderbergh. 

"Whether it happens again, who knows?" Iglesias said. "But at least, I could say I had an opportunity and I did the best I could with it.”

With a new season of his network comedy series in the works, along with a one-hour comedy special for Comedy Central, and a world tour, the "Magic Mike" actor will be plenty busy.

“I love stand-up and [will] do this until the day that I die," said Iglesias. 

"If acting doesn’t happen, not a problem, I can say I did it one time," he added. "If somebody presents me with an opportunity like this, another cool role, then absolutely I’ll jump all over it." 

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