Former child stars of 1989′s 'Parenthood' reunited for the first time since filming

  • From L to R: Jasen Fisher, Ivyann Schwann, Zachary LaVoy and Alisan Porter.

    From L to R: Jasen Fisher, Ivyann Schwann, Zachary LaVoy and Alisan Porter.  (Now/Then Cast of 'Parenthood': Snakkle.com)

  • Zachary Lavoy then and now.

    Zachary Lavoy then and now.  (Snakkle.com )

  • Ivyann Schwan and Zachary LaVoy as kids.

    Ivyann Schwan and Zachary LaVoy as kids.  (Courtesy of Courtesy of Ivyann Schwan)

Pop culture site Snakkle.com reunited child actors Alisan Porter, Jasen Fisher, Ivyann Schwan and Zachary LaVoy from the iconic 1989 movie "Parenthood" for the first time in 23 years.

Watch the reunion, see rare behind-the-scenes photos with stars of the film like Steve Martin and individual videos with each star as they discuss their experiences during the film, and which "mature scenes" from the film they all relate to now, as adults and parent themselves!

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“It was very friendly, the whole atmosphere, the kids were made to feel at ease,” Zachary LaVoy, who played the youngest Buckman told Snakkle.com, who organized the reunion.  LaVoy joined fellow child actors Alisan Porter, Ivyann Schwan and Jasen Fisher to chat about the Ron Howard-directed flick.

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“It was an insane cast of people, so when you’re coming up as any kind of performer and you’ve been in the presence of that kind of greatness in your art, you can’t help but be influenced by that,” Porter said of the work.

Jovial Zachary LaVoy played the youngest Buckman. He may have been two years old when he shot the movie, but you won’t believe how much he remembers! Alisan Porter had been acting in Hollywood for a few years by the time she snagged the part of Taylor Buckman. She later continued her childhood acting career with films like “Curly Sue” and television parts in “Pee-wee’s Playhouse.” These days, the actress is a musician and an expectant mom.

Ivyann Schwann played Patty Huffner and shared her tales of her first candy pigout session. These days, she’s a mom herself.

Jasen Fisher played Kevin Buckman and had also been acting when he landed the role, having previously appeared in “The Witches.”