See Michael Pena & Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘End of Watch’ New Poster

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Michael Peña is taking down the bad guys in Los Angeles, ladies!

The new poster for the actor’s latest film, “End of Watch,” has been released and Fox News Latino is one of the first to get their hands on it.

The film is set to be released Sept. 28.

Peña plays the role of Officer Zavala along with fellow Latina, America Ferrera, who plays Officer Orozco.

Academy-award-winning actor Jake Gyllenhaal also joins Peña as his partner, Officer Taylor.

The action flick is said to be about two young LAPD officers who strive to keep the city's roughest streets safe.

Last year, Fox News Latino reported that Peña and Gyllenhaal were preparing for production of “End of Watch” by riding along with cops in Southern Los Angeles when the art quickly began to imitate real life.

In the blink of an eye, Peña and Gyllenhaal found themselves in the middle of a gang shooting.

Sgt. Angela McGee says a gang member shot a rival, who was hospitalized with grazing bullet wounds above his lip and on an arm. Two suspects walked away and there were no arrests.

The past year has been a good one for Peña, who was also front and center in the Hollywood drama “The Lincoln Lawyer,” and “Battle: LA,” alongside actress Michelle Rodríguez.

In the thriller “The Lincoln Lawyer,” Peña is at the center of this roller coaster rush as his character, Jesus Martínez.

With one of the most poignant roles in the film, Peña succeeds in transitioning the story into revelation and a new chapter of suspense.

But the actor, known for his provocative performance in the award- winning movie “Crash,” is no rookie to complex films.

“People have to be detectives,” Peña told Fox News Latino. “You think you know the answer, but you don’t,” he says.

During the opening weekend for "The Lincoln Lawyer," Peña managed to be a part of two top-five box office winners.

Nevertheless, the actor told Fox News Latino he has never been bothered by being typecast and playing stereotypical Latino roles.

“I had two [non-Latino] roommates in college who had to play stereotypical roles too,” Peña says.

“Play the role as a human being … human beings are three-dimensional,” he says. “Some of the best bad guys in movies are funny and charming."