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HBO Stars Invent Drinks Named After Themselves

HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" takes place during the height of prohibition so we decided to have some fun with the cast at the season premiere. in New York City.


The next time you're at the cocktail lounge, forget about ordering an Old Fashioned or a Cosmopolitan. Walk up to the bartender and demand a Ricky Gervais or a Paz de la Huerta!

We were especially thirsty at the New York City premiere of "Boardwalk Empire," so we decided to ask the cast members of the hit series (as well as many of HBO's other stars) to dream up their signature cocktail. Our celebrity correspondent got several intoxicating answers from such famous faces as Steve Buscemi, Gretchen Mol, Tony Sirico and Michael Pitt. Some of them sounded refreshing, one sounded especially strong, and others sounded downright strange!

Watch the video above to see what your favorite celebrities would mix up in their self-titled beverages, but make sure to grab some ice and a cocktail shaker first (and maybe a few aspirin if you plan on recreating the Ricky Gervais)!