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'Boardwalk' Stars on Who They Would Want to Meet From the '20s

We caught up with the cast of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" to ask some unconventional questions about prohibition, the roaring '20s, and their "memories" of the boardwalk from younger days.


Thanks to the hit series "Boardwalk Empire," you can transport yourself back to the early stages of the Roaring Twenties by flipping on the television. But what if you really could travel back in time to the '20s? Who would you want to meet? A movie star? A musician? A mobster, even?

We asked that very question at the star-studded premiere of "Boardwalk Empire" in New York City, and the cast members of HBO's hottest shows were more than happy to answer! Watch the video above to find out who Steve Buscemi, Steven Van Zandt and Ricky Gervais would love to chat with over drinks!