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Jackie Collins: How to Keep Your Marriage HOT

The author and icon dishes on marriage, celebs and her new book!


Over the past 40 years, novelist and Hollywood icon Jackie Collins has written some of the juiciest bestsellers to hit bookshelves.

Our celebrity correspondent, Amber Milt, sat down with the author to get the scoop on her book “Goddess of Vengeance,” celeb affairs and how to keep your marriage hotter than ever.

AM: What makes a woman sexy?JC: It’s all attitude. It’s not about what you wear or how you look, it’s what's in your mind. A woman can be really plain but if she has that personality, if she has that confidence, men are going to gravitate toward her.

AM: What makes a marriage hot?JC: Investing time, having confidence and not falling to pieces once you’re married. Never forget that after the kids are grown, you’re going to be with that guy for a long time. So you want to keep that relationship hot.

AM: Why do so many Hollywood couples get divorced?JC: Because it’s tempting; you know, they’re on a movie set, they’re with somebody beautiful, they’re doing love scenes, they’re on location, they feel like a family, everybody’s looking after you, it’s romantic. You're going to have an affair — if your husband or wife isn’t there, you’re going to have an affair. And that is my advice for any woman married to a famous man: don’t leave him alone on location.

AM: How much of your characters and their scandals are based on your experiences?JC: When I wrote “Hollywood Wives,” Buddy and Angel were the people who lived next to me when I first came to Hollywood when I was 15. We lived in a "Melrose-Place"-like apartment complex. There was the out-of-work actor in that one (apartment), the chauffeur in that one (apartment) but he really wanted to write screenplays, and I’ve been writing about the people I’ve met and know ever since.

AM: So do you people have to watch it when they are hanging out with you?JC: Yes, anything you want to tell me, Amber?

AM: Ever just say, “That’s it, I’m done”?JC: No. I love it. I’ll be 108 and I’ll be (writing), “ … and he walked in the room and all of the women went crazy about him." You know, I just love what I do. I have a passion for it.

For more from Jackie, watch the video above!