MTV Movie Awards host Russell Brand was supposedly given no comedic limits on Sunday night, and even his ex-wife Katy Perry was fair game.

"The last time I hosted I did marry someone who was there, so I'm keeping my eyes open for a new wife tonight," Brand said, referring to when he met Perry at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 2009.

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He also poked fun at Michael Fassbender's "huge, engorged talent" (Fassbender appeared full-frontal in "Shame"), and made an X-rated Bieber Fever joke. "Justin Bieber is so pretty that even if he was attacking me, I'd do a little orgasm," Brand joked. "It's his hair!"

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But those weren't the only nervous laughter-inducing moments. Without Robert Pattinson by her side, Kristen Stewart ended up making out with herself; Mila Kunis got heckled; and what in the world was Brooke Hogan wearing? From Russell to K-Stew to Charlize Theron, let us know: What was the most awkward moment at the MTV Movie Awards?

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