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Jennifer Hudson: 'My Weight Loss Is Helping to Save Lives'

The star opens up about her weight loss.


As the newest face of Weight Watchers, Jennifer Hudson has been making headlines everywhere for her amazing 80-pound weight loss.

We had the chance to interview the star and recent author of "I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down" at a cocktail party thrown by Good Housekeeping magazine. Watch the video above to see her interview, or read on for some of Jennifer's inspirational messages.

Amber: You've won an Oscar and lost 80 pounds. Which has been more rewarding?

Jennifer: For different reasons, they're all special. And I know I say I'm most proud of my weight loss — and I am — because it's helped (save) lives. Seeing people being inspired from there and changing, it melts my heart. It brings tears to my eyes every single time I have someone come over to me and say, "You helped save my life … Because of you and your journey, it inspired me with my journey, and therefore, I get not only to lose weight, but to add years back to my life, or have a healthier me."

Amber: Do you think overweight people get treated differently?

Jennifer: That is definitely true. I don't think you notice it until you've experienced the other side. You don't know what you're being discriminated against with, until you see what others get that you don't … and that's why I always say (that) you can never understand what I mean unless you've experienced what I've experienced.