Kat Von D Sued over Allegedly Burning Down House

Kat Von D is probably burning up after learning that her home insurance company has just smacked her with a lawsuit alleging that the fire that burned down her house was her fault, TMZ is reporting.

After doing their own investigation, insurance giant State Farm claims in the lawsuit that the L.A.Ink superstar set her own house on fire in 2010, because she placed candles throughout the house. The fire, which killed her cat Valentine, was not a small one. Damages amounted to $909,199.

Initially, State Farm covered the bill, but now they want their money back.

Earlier this month, Fox News Latino reported that the tattoo vixen had quite the scare after an unknown stalker made her feel like she was in a clip straight out of the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

The former “L.A. Ink” star had cops and a helicopter rushed to her home after alerting authorities about a troubling phone call.

Cops tell the entertainment gossip site that they arrived at the Von D's residence after she frantically called them saying that someone using an unknown number called and asked personal questions about the reality TV star.

After receiving a frightening text by the same person, Von D felt her safety was in danger.

The tattoo artists claims that the unknown caller was near her home. LAPD officials did not find anyone on the property. The investigation is ongoing.