Music Producer Maffio Shows Off New Beats with “Mi Sonido”


Maffio  (Courtesy of SpanGlish Global Images )

Acclaimed producer Maffio sat down with Fox News Latino to talk about his move from behind-the-scenes to center stage with his first single, "Si Yo Fuera El" featuring Joey Montana, which is currently #19 on the Latin Rhythm Charts after only weeks on the air.

"It hasn't really been a transition for me because I've been recording and writing songs for myself before I became producer," said Maffio.

"[In the beginning] I didn't have the money to pay a producer so I had to commit to making my own music,” Maffio said.  “That's when I started branching out to other people who later connected to me other people, it was a pretty long branch."

"That is how I became successful with a lot of my production and writing," he added.

Maffio, whose real name Carlos Ariel Peralta, has enjoyed a fruitful career working with big-name artists such as Pitbull, Omega, Fonseca, Don Omar and Elvis Crespo but felt now was time to make his own singing debut.

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"I felt I was ready to put my music out there and have people listen to me," said Maffio.

“Right now I am in the top 20 alongside Panamanian singer Joey Montana whom I talked to last year about a collaboration."

"We created, "Si Yo Fuera El," in three hours from scratch," he continued. "From there, it has just been magic. The song even made it to the top five in Europe thanks to the DJ's and the fans who have supported it."

Maffio's debut album entitled, "Mi Sonido," will feature a mixture of rhythms and sounds, as well as collaborations.

The album is set to come out July 2012.

"My album is what you would call a sancocho-- like the soup that has all types of meats, yucca (manyock) and vegetables,” Maffio said.

“I call it a sancocho (stew) because it's going to be full of so many surprises and collaborations that fans are going to be left with their mouths open!"   

"I'm very excited and thankful to my true fans who support my music and follow what I do," he said.

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