Eugenio Derbez on ¡ROB! Eva Mendes & Being a Director

Eugenio Derbez talks about "Girl in Progress," coming back for another season of ¡ROB! and his directorial debut for "Man of Stone. "


Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez is rapidly becoming familiar to American audiences.

Derbez is already well known in the Latino community and considered to be one of the most popular comedians of our time. Mainstream moviegoers first got a taste of his comedy chops in last year’s “Jack and Jill,” where he played the fun-loving gardener and romantic interest to Adam Sandler’s character “Jill.”

This year, he provides comic relief in the CBS series “¡ROB!” as “Hector”, the well meaning but often-annoying uncle to “Maggie” (Claudia Bassols).  His most recent project is the independent movie alongside Eva Mendez in “Girl in Progress,” which hits theaters on Friday May 11.

In the movie he plays “Mission Impossible,” a dishwasher at a restaurant called “The Crab Shack.”

Derbez says his character’s name is appropriate for the type of guy that Mission Impossible is.

“Everything for him is a mission impossible,” Derbez said. “Conquering Eva Mendes is a mission impossible, trying to learn English is a mission impossible,” he added.

Eva Mendes said that Derbez added a lot of heart to his character, a well-meaning co-worker to Mendes’ “Grace,” who tries desperately to win her over.

Mexican singer Espinoza Paz plays Derbez’s cousin in the movie.

“I met him shooting the film” the actress told Fox News Latino. “He was afraid of acting, afraid of doing this, I told him to relax and I helped him with his lines.”

We asked him if his comedy series “¡ROB!” is coming back for another season.

“It’s almost a fact, but for sure we have to wait till Mid-May,” Derbez said.

These days are pretty busy for Derbez who filming movies, serving as executive producer to his Mexican comedy series “La Familia P. Luche,” and making his directorial debut in “Hombre de Piedra,” which is currently in production.

“It’s my first film as a director, so I’m nervous,” confessed Derbez.

The movie titled in English “Man of Stone” will be shot in both Mexico and the U.S.

“It’s a beautiful story about his father and his kid,” Derbez said. “It’s the same feeling as ‘Life is Beautiful’ and ‘Cinema Paradiso.’”

A talented comedian, actor, producer and now director, Derbez proves that for him nothing is an Impossible Mission.

Naibe Reynoso is a freelance reporter from Los Angeles, California.  She can be reached via her twitter: @NaibeReynoso

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Naibe Reynoso is a freelance reporter from Los Angeles, California. Follow her @naibereynoso

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