'She’d Stockpile Drugs So She Wouldn’t Run Out': New Details of Whitney Houston’s Drug Habit, Spent Thousands of Dollars a Week

Further reports of drug use have surfaced involving the late Whitney Houston

The singer, who passed away on February 11 at age 48, reportedly returned to a life of serious substance abuse after claiming sobriety in 2010.

Most recently, The Daily Beast offered an even further in-depth look into the Grammy winner’s addiction through the years, with a friend of Whitney’s claiming the singer would “spend thousands of dollars a week buying drugs and stockpile it in the house so she wouldn’t run out."

So, why didn’t her friends and family step in?

“The family was afraid of the embarrassment on some level and wouldn’t confront her early on,” Monique Houston, who married Gary Houston and divorced him in 2001, tells the Beast. “Her mother would always say, ‘I don’t understand this drug thing.’ And she didn’t. They let it get too bad before they understood she needed serious help, and then it was too late.”


As for the assumption that Whitney was introduced to drugs by her ex-husband Bobby Brown, Monique says that isn’t the case. “Drugs were around her for years before she met Bobby and continued after he left. It was worse when they were together, but he didn’t cause it.”

Bobby reiterated this claim during his interview with Matt Lauer on TODAY this week. However, a close friend to the late singer spoke out about the couple’s tumultuous relationship and the ups and downs they shared while they raised their daughter Bobbi Kristina, now 19.

“Bobby liked to drink, and when he was drunk, he was really mean and nasty. He’d spit at her and throw things at her, all in front of Bobbi Kristina,” Whitney’s friend recalls. “During one of Brown’s attempts at sobriety in the late ’90s, Houston decided to go along on the tour, baby daughter in tow, to support him. Brown had just come back from a stint in rehab, but Houston continued to use cocaine in front of him. Brown was so enraged he ordered her and Bobbi Kristina off the bus in the middle of the road, forcing another band member to pick them up.”

For more inside details into the “private hell” that Whitney reportedly endured, check out the coverage on The Daily Beast.