Exclusive Peek Backstage at Billboard Latin Music Awards

FNL brings a unique view by getting 'literally' inside the Billboard Latin Music Awards.


While hundreds of media outlets gather to get the perfect celebrity interview and millions anticipate the live broadcast, Fox News Latino brought a unique view to its readers and audience by getting ‘literally’ inside the show.

For most who are distant from the realities of ‘show business’ the final product for a show and impressive celebrity ensemble may not seem as complex as it really is. With hundreds of crew and staff members to security check point almost every other 10 feet, being backstage scene at Billboards is like opening the hood of a Lamborghini! On Wednesday April 25th, a full day of rehearsals and red carpet assembly turned into a 15-20 hour work day for most of us working on the field. So what was the most memorable peek inside the backstage? Here is our list of the top three moments from backstage that no one else would tell you about:

1. Pretend artists. One of the funniest things during rehearsals was seeing stunt-doubles of major artists like Pitbull and Don Omar, lip-syncing to the hottest hits while the dancers rehearsed moves, steps and the perfect pose. Some of these stunt doubles really took their jobs seriously and even matched facial expressions and mannerisms as they ‘pretended’ to sign to the track. Sadly, they will be nowhere to be found during the live show, so this was literally their 30 seconds of ‘pretend’ fame.

2. The circular red carpet. Having been at Billboards before and also at other major red carpets, I was impressed with the complex and elaborate red carpet setup for this year’s Billboard Latin Music Awards. With a circular motion and a unique flow of people, audience, and cameras, watch out for a new infrastructure in tonight’s show.

3. The one-on-one press room. It is always delightful to share with colleagues from around the world. Major media outlets from Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, and more all gathered patiently in the media room to get interviews with the artists rehearsing.  Sadly, we were disappointed by the absent artists who instead dashed out of rehearsals or didn’t show up at all! But, in the midst of us waiting patiently, we were still able to catch great moments with Prince Royce --a finalist in 12 categories-- and Intocable, who will both be performing at the show, as well as New York DJ Alex Sensation.

Certainly backstage is not as glamorous as most may imagine. Wires, boxes, equipment, props and hundreds of people running around make for a stressful last minute preparation rundown so you all can enjoy a great show. While fans obsess over the artists on stage, with this article I would like to salute the thousands of men and women behind the scenes that make 2 minutes of a performance look flawless and perfect. Thank you to the crew, production, runners, gaffers, camera operators, sound engineers, stylists, volunteers, security, lighting, makeup artists and public relations professionals who make the magic come to life.

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Lili Gil is Hispanic business strategist and cofounder of XL Alliance, a cultural marketing firm. She is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and serves as a regular contributor to Fox News Latino. You can follow Lili on Twitter @liligil.

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Lili Gil Valletta is an award-winning entrepreneur, multicultural marketing strategist, Fox News independent contributor and co-founder of XL Alliance. She is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and member of the Harvard Kennedy School Women's Leadership Board.