Actor Jose Ferrer Honored With US Postal Stamp

April 26, 2012: José Ferrer stamp

April 26, 2012: José Ferrer stamp  (United States postal service )

Iconic actor José Ferrer will be immortalized forever by the United States Postal Service with his own stamp as part of the Distinguished Americans stamp series.

Ferrer, whose was also a distinguished director, prouder, musician and writer was one of the first Latino actors to win the academy award for Best Actor among many other Oscar nominations. The Boricua celebrity also earned a plethora of Tony awards.

“That particular stamp series honors truly remarkable Americans like José Ferrer,” post office spokeswoman Darlene Reid told Fox News Latino.

“If you look at his body of work, his numerous awards…everything he did it was like gold,” she added.

Reid said that Ferrer was chosen by the citizen's stamp advisory committee over many other nominees. She added that the Puerto Rican community should be extremely proud.

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“They should be honored,” she said. “Just so proud that he was from Puerto Rico. He was a truly distinguished and truly remarkable.”

Ferrer joins Tito Puente, Selena, Celia Cruz, Carmen Miranda and Carlos Gardel who have also received their own stamps by the postal service.

The late greats were honored with their own U.S. postage stamps as part of the “Latin Music Legends Series” for their invaluable contributions to the entertainment industry and international impact.

“There is no doubt that the legends are deserving of this recognition,” Roy Betts, manager of community relations for the U.S. Postal Service told Fox News Latino. “We are proud to be bringing them to life.

"They have made historic contributions," he added. "They are icons not only in the Latin community, but in a larger stage.”

Betts is not surprised that these entertainers were the chosen few for the prestigious honor. According to the spokesman, the tribute speaks volumes of the U.S. Latino community.

“We received ten of thousands of suggestions," Betts said. "The selection process is all of the public sending in ideas in forms of letters and post cards.

"Recommendations come in from all over – from the public, organizations, even Congress,” said Betts. “The Latino community is thriving and emerging as a major force and contributor. If anyone had any doubts about Latin music’s contribution to the world, those doubts should be erased.”

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