American Idol: Jessica Sanchez Leaves Judges “Stuttering”

Jessica Sanchez performs in Top 7 on American Idol.


Jessica Sanchez left the judges breathless as she once again showed her powerful pipes and impeccable vocal technique Wednesday night on American Idol.

The top seven Idol hopefuls were assigned to sing songs from the last three years.

The part-Mexican, part Filipino singer took a risk with the unfamiliar jazz and soulful song “Stuttering” by Jazmine Sullivan, but the judges gave Sanchez two thumbs up on her rendition.

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“That was superb,” said music producer Randy Jackson. “What you did tonight for me is you set the bar really high.”

Jackson added that Sanchez showed “everyone what kind of talent level,” she has and that she has “the control.”

“That was at like the highest degree,” continued Jackson. “You did an amazing job. To me, right now, you slayed that biggest fish of the night.”

Aerosmith rock star Steven Tyler gave Sanchez top-notch reviews, not only on her singing but on her fashion sense as well, comparing her with fellow judge Jennifer Lopez.

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 “Jessica, every time I hear you sing I forget where I am,” Tyler said. “But America doesn’t forget. You fish slay it every time.”

“You had the nerve to sing a great song and you had the nerve to wear Jennifer’s shoes,” Tyler added excitedly as the audience quickly got to see a close-up of Sanchez's spiky black heels.

Although Lopez agreed with Tyler and told her she has “great taste,” she compared Sanchez to possibly her biggest competitor—Joshua Ledet.

Guess JLO might not have liked Tyler’s comment after all.

"That was really beautiful,” said Lopez. “What I'd love to see from you, is some almost like Joshua-type performances,” Lopez said bluntly.

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“You can do it,” she added. “You can show us something we've never seen!"

Sanchez and Ledet are two of the strongest contestants of season 11 and in the last few weeks have performed multiple medleys together, which have earned the two standing ovations by the judges and the audience.

On Wednesday Sanchez, Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh took on the first American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, and performed her latest hit “What Doesn’t Kill You.”

Ledet on the other hand performed a rendition of Puerto Rican crooner Bruno Mars’ song “Runaway Baby,” earning him a standing ovation from the judges.

Jackson felt the performance was simply “unbelievable” while Tyler said it was “like a work of art.”

For JLO, Ledet was excellent.

“A Joshua performance is so dynamic,[and it] takes control of the audience”, Lopez said. “It’s so much energy. It’s not just the vocals that’s what you do.”

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