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Whitney Houston's daughter allegedly caught on camera using drugs, report says

  • BobbiKristina.jpg

    Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston (X17 Online)

  • Bobbi Kristina Boyfriend

    Bobbi Kristina and her new rumored boyfriend, family friend Nick (TMZ/X17 Online)

Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was allegedly caught smoking marijuana in a newly-released video.

Just days after the revelation that Houston had cocaine and prescription drugs in her system when she tragically died in February, a video surfaced purporting to show the singer's daughter using the so-called gateway drug.

The video, obtained by EnquirerPlus and viewable on Radar Online, shows a woman reported to be Bobbi Kristina partying with several friends at a college in Statesboro, Ga., in March 2011.

The woman stands before a large bong and says to a friend, "I know right," before bending over and lighting the contraption. She inhales deeply, coughing before going in for a second hit.

While much of the conversation in the video was silenced and the faces of other partiers in the room were covered with black circles, sources told EnquirerPlus that the woman is Bobbi Kristina.

"Bobbi Kristina was staying with friends at the school, and she brought along a big bag of pot for the party," a source claimed. "Between tokes, Bobbi was drinking shots of Grey Goose and Skyy Blue vodka and sipping a mixed vodka drink. She's obviously a seasoned partier."