Metallica Sells Out 5 Shows in Mexico City, 6th Show Added



Contrary to what some may believe, Mexicans don't just listen to mariachi and ranchera music.  

Mexico is a nation in love with metal and hard rock.

Nothing showcased the country’s love affair with the genre more than this week’s announcement that platinum-selling band Metallica, perhaps metal’s biggest crossover success, sold out five shows in Mexico City.

The first three of those shows sold out in 90 minutes.

Metallica will play six times at the “Palacio de los Deportes” (Sports Palace) this August.

“Thank you, Mexico City! Aug 6 & 7 are sold out!” the band said on Twitter. “You know what that means, right? A sixth show has been added for Aug 9!”

The venue holds up to 20,000 people, meaning 120,000 screaming Mexican fans will be able to see the heavy metal band.

In Jose Mangin , Heavy Metal has a Latino Voice

In 1993, Metallica played five sold-out nights at Sports Palace.  

In 2009, Metallica played three consecutive sold-out nights to 150,000 fans at Foro Sol Stadium, which was captured for the Metallica-Mexico City Live DVD.

The band looks forward to putting on a special show for their Mexican audience.

"Given our history with our rabid Mexican fans over the past decades, I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to unveil our new, sick as [expletive], over the top, out of control stage that will be the cornerstone of our touring escapades for the next years to come," said Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich.  "Don't be scared boys and girls, this is going next level."

Metallica, which formed in 1981, recently celebrated the group’s 30th anniversary.  They’ll also be performing their own two-day festival in Atlantic City, N.J. this summer.

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