Patricia Velasquez is Fired from 'Celebrity Apprentice'

(Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)  (2010 Getty Images)

Patricia Velásquez was sent packing on Sunday night’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The women’s team lost their second challenge in a row, and the Venezuelan beauty was left hearing Donald Trump’s lethal catchphrase, “You’re fired!”

In the challenge that sent Velásquez home, the teams were given the task of throwing a party for beverage company Crystal Light’s new “mocktinis,” according to E! Online.com.   

The team leader for the challenge was pop star Aubrey O’Day who went with a “Garden of Eden” theme for the party.

After a successful soirée, O’Day was praised by her teammates. However they could not say the same about Velasquez’s fellow Venezuelan, Dayana Mendoza, who the team thought did not do her fair share of work.

Dayana Mendoza: Ready To Take Charge on The Celebrity Apprentice

While Trump and his executives loved the “Garden of Eden” theme, the ladies lost the challenge to the men for not focusing enough on the Crystal Light brand.

When given the decision as to who she would send into the boardroom with her, O'Day chose both of the Venezuelan beauties.

After pleading with Trump to not send her home, O’Day’s tears saved her from elimination, and won her $10,000 for her charity, while Velásquez was fired for errors on the team’s sign, which were her responsibility.

Known for her exotic modeling shoots in Sports Illustrated and her acting roles in “The Mummy” and “Ugly Betty”, Velásquez has faced an uphill battle since the competition began.

Celebrity Apprentice: Patricia Velasquez Loses, While Trump Criticizes Mendoza’s Man

In the first challenge of the season’s premiere, Velásquez volunteered to be the women's team leader.

Her efforts to create and sell as many sandwiches for charity fell short to the men’s team, despite the many donations that her famous friends gave. She was spared from being the first one eliminated because former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs  didn’t “fit in” with the show’s strong personalities.

Now with Mendoza, the only Latina left, the women’s team is in need of a win in order to spare the former Miss Universe from being on the chopping block next week.

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