American Idol: Erica Van Pelt Sent Home, Jessica Sanchez Off to Idol Mansion

Erica Van Peltz wasn't spared by America or the judges and was sent home on American Idol.


Jessica Sanchez’s rendition of Billy Joel’s “Everybody Has a Dream” saved her on “American Idol Thursday night, but fellow contestant Erica Van Pelt wasn’t spared by judges or voters and was sent home.

Van Pelt, who sang Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind,” and received good comments from the judges on her performance, received the lowest amount of votes. The judges were given the opportunity to use their only ‘save’ on her for the season, but chose not to do so.

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Superstar Jennifer Lopez said that it’s unfortunate when anyone goes home during this time in the competition.

“You are a star,” said Lopez. “At this point, anyone who goes home is a loss.”

Lopez said Pelt should be proud of the choices she made this year.

“They are all wonderful,” Lopez said.

Van Pelt showed her edginess the previous evening as she debuted a short, pixy brunette hair cut after fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger suggested she get a new look.

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The remaining top nine contestants get to move into the “American Idol” mansion in Hollywood Hills.

Sanchez was overjoyed after learning she had made it to another round.

“This dream keeps getting better and better,” Sanchez said, smiling.

Chairman of Interscope Records Jimmy Lovine said he was very proud of Sanchez’s performance.

“Jessica did a great job,” Lovine said. “She expanded [her performance].”

“A’s across the board,” he added.

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“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest also gave Sanchez some encouraging news.

“Jessica, Billy Joel himself said he enjoyed your rendition of the song,” Seacrest said. “And so did America.”

Other notable moments during the telecast included a performance by “American Idol” alum Haley Reinhart, who performed her latest single “Free” wearing a sexy pink ensemble.

Breakout artist Lana Del Rey also took the stage and sang her latest single, “Video Games,” from her new album “Born to Die.”

In light of Steven Tyler’s upcoming birthday this weekend, the contestants, and former Aerosmith guitar player Joe Perry, sang Happy Birthday to Tyler.

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