Dancing With the Stars: William Levy Makes Crowd Go Wild

William Levy had the crowd going wild at the two-hour season premier of "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday night. (Video Below)

The Cuban telenovela star donned a sleek, gelled Mohawk, a sleeveless leather shirt and tight pants, which showed off his toned figure and defined muscles.

Suave as ever, he bit his lip as the camera did a close-up of his face, and then smiled for his female admirers, who began applauding and chanting for Levy before he even began performing.


William Levy Is Caliente!

"I'm ready to dance," said a confident Levy.

Grinding on his partner Cheryl Burke while entertaining the crowd, Levy nailed his cha cha cha routine to“International Love," a song by fellow Cuban and Miami native rapper Pitbull.

The girls and judges went wild - like excited monkeys at a zoo.

DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli couldn’t even stay in his seat as he watched Levy own the crowd.

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“Ladies and gentleman, 'Dancing With the Stars' presents the hottest package of the season!” yelled an excited Tonioli. 

“William you are over-dressed,” teased Tonioli. “Less clothing.”

The other judges were all smiles, trying to get their sentences out over the crowd’s applause.

“First of all I would like thank ABC for my job,” said a flustered and flirtatious Carrie Ann Inaba. “We very much appreciate you!”

“You can dance,” Inaba continued. “Your partnering skills, the way you move Cheryl around with such ease and grace...and I loved it when you free-styled. You didn’t go into a whole other style of dance. You stayed in the vein of cha cha.”

“I like the way you move!” she reiterated.

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Known for his no-nonsense judging, Len Goodman was also very pleased with Levy’s moves.

“William, you got the spirit of the cha cha cha,” said Goodman. “You performed it right on the edge but you kept control, which is a hard thing to do, so, well done for you.”

Levy and Burke earned a solid score of 24 (out of 30), placing them as one of the leading couples of the evening.

"I appreciate the love," said a happy and relieved Levy.

Burke seemed to agree with Inaba.

"Thank you ABC!” she bellowed into the cameras. “Thank you for my job."

For those in the audience and at home who didn’t remember Levy from the steamy video he did with Jennifer Lopez, as her divorce news spread like wildfire last summer, the stud gave a quick intro of himself.

A slow motion video played, showing more sexy poses of Levy in his past films.

“I’m a Latin American actor,” a swag-filled Levy said slowly. “I’ve done movies, theater, [and] TV series’.”

His partner, Burke, who danced with Robert Kardashian last season, was struck by Levy's good looks  when she first met him.

“When I first saw William, I thought 'Wow, this guy’s really good looking!'” Burke said.

Still, this didn’t distract Burke from cracking the whip on Levy.

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“Because of my work schedule, we had to start a week later than everyone else,” Levy revealed. “I hope my Cuban blood can help me a little bit.”

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the actor from nailing his cha cha cha.

"I thought this was going to be easier,” Levy said.

He also admitted he isn’t very fond of the dancing shoes he has to sport every week.

“They look like my grandma shoes,” said Levy in Spanish. “I thought this was going to be easier. I don’t know why I thought that because it is really hard.”

On Tuesday, Levy will have another chance to show his fly moves on the dance floor.

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