Wilmer Valderrama on Dating Demi Lovato & Releasing Bilingual Pop Album

Feb. 25, 2012: Actor Wilmer Valderrama arrives at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards on in Santa Monica, Calif.

Feb. 25, 2012: Actor Wilmer Valderrama arrives at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards on in Santa Monica, Calif.  (2012 Getty Images)

Wilmer Valderrama is coming clean about dating Demi Lovato and about crossing over to the music business.

The Venezuelan stud opened up to Latino gossip king Perez Hilton about the age difference between him and Lovato (at the time he was 31 and she was 19) and about dabbling in the music business.

“It was a really interesting time for her,” Valderrama tells Hilton. “We were really just best friends. She's amazing, she's a great human being. And I'm so proud of her considering all of the different obstacles and everything she's been through.”

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“I mean, she's got a pretty good head,” Valderrama continued. “Like I obviously — like she said, it's going to be a struggle every day. But I was very proud to be there for her when she needed me, and she was there for me a number of times too. And we have a great friendship.”

How sweet. Guess the former lovebirds did end on good terms after all.

But Lovato is not the only ex that Valderrama is on good terms with these days. The actor dished on his BFF bond with singer/actress Mandy Moore.

“Mandy and I are also super close friends,” Valderrama said during the interview.

“If you loved once, and if you cared once, you never really stop. And if you build a true foundation, a true friendship, that never really goes away. And I think it's important.”

Valderrama also told Hilton that he is releasing an album as his funny alter ego, Eduardo Fresco, later in the year.

“Music is something that has been… part of my life,” revealed Valderrama. “My whole life, I've been singing and dancing since I was six years old, but acting just evolved faster.”

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“I'm excited to visit that arena, and do some music.”

Valderrama said his fans can expect more songs from Fresco that will have you crying in laughter. He also said he will be exploring the possibilities of singing in Spanish.

“That's something I really want to embrace,” Valderrama said. “When it comes to the music, I'm talking to some amazing people like — you know ran a bunch of stuff by, you know by Enrique, and by Ricky Martin, and everybody. And they're really supportive and all that. And then we're saying again, they're also really important to me too.”  

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