'Idol' Recap: Jeremy Rosado and Elise Testone bottom vote getters -- who survived?

Jeremy Rosado, a clerk in a infectious disease doctor’s office, was the first semifinalist contestant on “American Idol” to be sent home this season.

Rosado sang a perfectly serviceable version of Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” Wednesday night, but it was not enough to keep him in the competition.

“Stevie Wonder ballads are custom-made for Jeremy’s voice, and he did not deliver at all,” mentor Jimmy Iovine opined after Rosado’s performance. “All the girls outperformed Jeremy last night, and I predict Jeremy will go.”

Iovine’s prophecy came true as Rosado, who was judge Jennifer Lopez’s wild card pick this season, was ranked dead last by America’s vote for their favorite male singer.

Rosado shared his tie for last place with Elise Testone, who struggled with the late Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” on Wednesday.

Testone, who received the lowest number of votes for the show’s female contestants, stood close to a nervous Rosado on the stage as host Ryan Seacrest asked the judges, “Did America get this right?” 

Lopez answered softly, “I think so,” while judge Randy Jackson explained, “It wasn’t either of their best performances so it’s one of those nights, Ryan, where somebody has got to go.”

Testone, who earlier had pouted and complained backstage about her perceived treatment by the judges, was ultimately spared. “We’ve come to the decision that we’re going to save Elise,” Lopez announced.

The Charleston, South Carolina teacher, along with fellow bottom six contestants Shannon Magrane, Erika Van Pelt, Jermaine “Gentle Giant” Jones and Joshua Ledet, will all return to compete next week. 

Meanwhile, Rosado, affectionately nicknamed “Jer Bear” for his cuddly appearance and genial demeanor, took the news of his exit from “American Idol” in stride. 

"This was awesome,” Rosado told host Ryan Seacrest, as fellow contestant Jessica Sanchez fought back tears. “Thank you guys for everything." 

Before Rosado got the axe, the Top Thirteen performed Stevie Wonder's 1977 hit, "As." 

The “American Idol” semifinalists also starred in a peculiar Ford commercial. Set to Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time,” the contestants did their best Godzilla imitations, stalking the streets of downtown Los Angeles as 50 ft. (or in Jones’ case, 60 ft.) singers. 

“American Idol” mentor Mary J. Blige performed her new single "Why" and season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina presented her new song, a country-flavored ode to "Georgia Peaches."

The drama was not limited to the stage on Thursday. Earlier in the day, TMZ.com reported that Phillip Phillips was taken to a medical facility with an “intense pain in his abdomen.”

On the show, Phillips downplayed the incident, telling Seacrest that he was “fine.” Phillips offered no details about his condition, other than to clarify that he went to see a doctor–not visit a hospital.

Up next: The Top Twelve compete, and designer Tommy Hilfiger joins “American Idol” as a style mentor.