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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Sons of Guns' star lists favorite explosions from shows past

"Sons of Guns" has become the go-to show if you want to see things get blammed up big time. 

In celebration of its new season, premiering Feb. 29, Discovery put together this montage of the best explosions from seasons past exclusively for, and hooked us up with Stephanie Hayden, the business manager of Red Jacket Firearms and daughter of its founder, Will Hayden.

Stephanie Hayden, 25, is known as the brains behind the "Sons of Guns" operation. Her weapon of choice? The Supressed AK-47, Her favorite explosion?

"The house I set up was one of my favorite explosions because it was something special I got to do for my dad," Hayden told "He does so much for me it was great to return the favor even a little. Plus ... we blew up a house!!!!"

Hayden was also partial to the show's flamethrower episode.

"The flamethrower wasn't really an explosion as much as a demonstration but its still one of my favorites!" she said. "The power of that weapon was incredible."

She also got a lift out of her first helicopter ride.

"The helicopter explosion with the Mag 58 was amazing simply because it was the first time I had ever ridden in a helicopter and I got to use it to blow the hell out of some cool targets!" she said. "I screamed the whole way but it was a good scream!"

Check out all of these weapons, explosions and more in Discovery's exclusive video for

Sons of Guns airs Feb. 29. For airtime check your local listings.