Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds slams reality stars: No American is 'that stupid'

Red Carpet Insider: 'Singing in the Rain' star compares 'Jersey Shore' stars to average Americans


Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds, who is currently starring in the film adaptation of the Janet Evanovich novel “One For the Money,” had some choice words for the antics seen on shows like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “Jersey Shore.”

Fox411 caught up with Reynolds, 79, on the red carpet, who slammed people who get married and divorced within weeks, like certain reality stars with whom the public may be aware.

“I think that every woman that survives childbirth is tough, and getting through marriage and not having it be over in 27 days is tough,” she said when we asked her if she considered herself a tough woman.

Could she have been talking about Kim Kardashian, who famously divorced her husband Kris Humphries after a $10 million wedding and 72 days?

She later went on to take on the stars of “Jersey Shore.”

“It’s so extreme, it’s like the Marx brothers, it’s way out there,” she said. “They have them doing extreme things that I don’t think the average person does unless you’re in college and you’re drunker than the lord and it’s a big party and everyone’s smashed.”

“It’s not the average American person, in my opinion,” she added. “We are not that dumb!”