Amber Portwood, one of the stars of MTV's reality series "Teen Mom," was jailed Monday after violating the terms of her probation.

Her brother, Shawn Portwood, told E! Online that police went to her home Monday after she missed a probation hearing.

At her home, authorities found unspecified pills in Portwood's purse and she was unable to prove that she had a prescription for them. She was arrested and booked into Madison County Jail in Anderson, Ind.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department said it "will be up to the courts to decide" how long the 21-year-old stays in jail.

Portwood is on probation after being convicted of domestic battery for hitting her ex-fiance Gary Shirley in 2010. Her two-year jail sentence was suspended on the condition that she adhere to the terms of her probation.

She is due in court Jan. 13 for a probation hearing, TMZ reported.