Flights Tickets Donated to Amaro Family for 'X Factor' Finale

The Amaro family is going to the 'X Factor' finale after a local mayor and 7 News viewer donated the flight tickets.

Mayor Michael Ryan of Sunrise and Ted De Sibio of Whisper Travel donated the airfare for the Amaro family at the family's car wash fundraiser, Sunday.

The family didn't know how they would get across the country to cheer on their daughter, but Mayor Michael Ryan of Sunrise assured them it would work out. "We want you to go. We can't wait to see you out there on TV. Best of luck," said Ryan. "I told dad, I said, "Don't worry. Just pack your bags, you're going. We're going to find a way to get you there."

Three flights are now paid for thanks to the generous community, Mayor Ryan and Sibio, who are splitting the airfare costs 50/50. "Just knowing the young lady is out there, this time in her life, most important day of life, and the possibility of not having her parents there to see this happen just touched my heart," said Sibio. "She is just fantastic. If she doesn't win this, something's wrong."

Melanie's parents are grateful for the kindness and help that will allow them to cheer on their daughter. "Have not seen my daughter in three and a half months. I'm dying to see her," said Hipolito Amaro.

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Family members and fans are confident that Melanie will give a performance of a lifetime on the show, especially now that her family will be there. "I know with her seeing us she's going to push herself 100 times more to do better than already doing," said Debra Amaro.

While her family is in the audience in Hollywood, all of South Florida will be holding their breath through the last round of the competition, hoping for her to win it all. "We're so proud, the community- so proud of what you've done for Melanie, but most important what you guys have done to give hope to a lot of other kids out there with a dream," said Mayor Ryan.

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