The best movie of the year, according to the Golden Globe nominations? One that went out of style more than 80 years ago.

"The Artist," a silent, black-and-white movie about a declining male film star and a rising actress in the era when "talkies" were replacing soundless movies, earned a leading six Golden Globe nominations on Thursday. You're serious, Hollywood? You really want us to go see a silent movie? In 2011?

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Other nominations were equally questionable. "The Descendants," a family drama featuring George Clooney, earned five nods, even though it may be hard for some to buy Clooney's "sensitive" act.

"The Help" -- also known as "Emma Stone's Bad Hair Day" -- scored five nominations, even though some argued that the well-meaning movie actually painted black housekeepers from the early civil rights era in an unflattering light.

Brad Pitt gets a nod for "Moneyball," even though some found it dull. So does Leonardo DiCaprio for "J. Edgar," despite some possibly unconvincing old-man makeup.

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With a month to go until Ricky Gervais hosts the show on NBC, let us know: What was the lamest Golden Globe nomination?


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