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Nick Cannon Says Six-Month Old Daughter Already Has Pipes Like Mom Mariah Carey

  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. (Reuters)

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. (Reuters)

  • Mariah Carey, NIck Cannon


Mommy Mariah Carey is known to have one of the best voices in music, and her baby daughter Monroe has only been in the world a mere six months and is apparently already showing off her pop diva skills.

“My children definitely have outgoing personalities. At six months, they know how to smile and pose on cue and they're already (comfortable) in front of the camera, so I think that's just in their DNA, so they're going to have that,” Nick Cannon told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while promoting his new role as a spokesperson for Wonka ‘Candy Music-Maker,’ an interactive Facebook application which allows users to wave their favorite candy in front of the computer, and different tunes will start playing. “My daughter screams louder than any scream I've ever heard before, she definitely has the pipes like her mom. We just have to be able to control them and pitch them out and I think she'll definitely follow in her mother's footsteps.”

But at the same time, Cannon said his twins, Monroe and Moroccan, can pursue much more credible careers than what the entertainment industry has to offer.

“(My advice would be) ‘Go back to school! Finish your homework!’ There's nothing wrong with showbiz, actually showbiz is amazing, but being a family that is already in showbiz, I would say to strive for something else,” he explained. “I have no problem with them knowing how to entertain and wanting to be entertainers and that innately being in their DNA, but why not be a heart surgeon? Why not be an astronaut, or something like that? Let's shoot for something higher than entertainment.”

Speaking of his family, wife Carey has been hitting headlines in recent days having shed a whopping 70 pounds post-pregnancy, crediting the Jenny Craig weight loss program of which she is a national spokesperson. However, her husband wants to launch a diet regime of a very different kind.

“They should come up with the candy diet because it's a secret that as long as you don't overindulge in stuff like chocolate, it works for me! I can eat all the candy I want and I stay fit, so I think there's something to it,” he enthused. “I think I'm going to start the Wonka diet and just change the whole perspective on working out on eating healthy! But, it's all about having fun more than anything. My obsession with candy started at a young age and it just allows me to stay forever young.”

Apparently there is even an entire room dedicated to sugary delights in the Cannon/Carey abode.

“It sounded far- fetched but my friends at Wonka helped make this dream come true and it's the coolest room in my house. You get to see life-size boxes of Nerds and it's colorful and fun and I enjoy the Wonka Wrapper in there,” Cannon continued. “But we have a good time and that's what it's about in our house, especially being a new father and having babies, we just like to have stuff where people can come over and enjoy themselves.”

And despite a whirlwind wedding that took the world by surprise back in April 2008, it appears as though Cannon and his leading lady are going stronger than ever – and their recipe for romantic success is simple.

“You have to love being with one another, you have to enjoy being with each other. We love each other's company and we have a great time with each other,” he added. “You just have to know how to not, one- take yourself too seriously and really enjoy one another. That's what we do, simple as that. We don't do anything unless we enjoy it or have a good time at it, and life is too short to be brought down with problems, and especially when you're at home, there's enough craziness going on outside so while we're inside our house, we just like to let our hair hang down and have a good time.”

Deidre Behar contributed to this report.

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