Kim Kardashian has hired the acting coach that Nicole Kidman thanked when accepting her Best Actress Oscar for "The Hours."

To help her nail her role in the upcoming Tyler Perry film "The Marriage Counselor," Kardashian turned to Susan Batson, the acting coach who has worked with Oscar winners Juliette Binoche, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Connelly as well as with Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez.

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According to Life & Style magazine, Kardashian decided to hire Batson to help her play her part in the Perry movie while parsing her emotions in the wake of filing for divorce from Kris Humphries.

"Kim had been confident about the movie, but with recent events she has been worried that the stress of her real life would show through," a source told the magazine. "So that's what Susan was there for."

Batson must think Kardashian has potential. In a New York Magazine interview, Batson said that she does not take on every client.

"If you know who I said, 'Don’t bother sending' to agents ..." the coach said, trailing off. "You have to have talent. Otherwise I really can’t work with you."

Kardashian flew home to Los Angeles on Saturday from Atlanta, where she had been filming "The Marriage Counselor."