Looks like Kim Kardashian's acting career is becoming "reality." The newlywed with the tube's most famous tush has signed on to co-star in Tyler Perry's upcoming film, "The Marriage Counselor," Deadline.com reports.

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The movie, based on Perry's stage play, tells the story of an Ivy League-educated relationship expert who has issues in her own marriage. Kardashian does NOT play the counselor (who would believe her as an Ivy League grad?), but rather a co-worker who gives the counselor a makeover. OK, that much we can believe.

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And it turns out, Kim's sex tape was not her only non-reality role to date -- she also appeared in 2008's "Disaster Movie." Who knew?

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In honor of Kim's official movie debut (because if it's a Tyler Perry movie, you know it's going to make a zillion dollars), we've rounded up a list of the biggest names to make the leap from reality TV to "real" acting. From Kardashian to Paris Hilton to Kelly Clarkson, let us know: Who's the worst reality star-turned-actress?

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/kim-kardashian-to-co-star-in-tyler-perry-movie-whos-the-worst-reality-star-turned-actress/question-2242237/" title="Kim Kardashian to Co-Star in Tyler Perry Movie: Who's the Worst Reality Star-Turned-Actress?">Kim Kardashian to Co-Star in Tyler Perry Movie: Who's the Worst Reality Star-Turned-Actress?</a>